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All residents of South Carolina need to have minimum auto coverage in order to legally own and operate a motor vehicle, but is minimum coverage enough? Every day, you see ads for cut-rate insurance, but will that coverage help you get back on the road after an accident? South Carolina Insurance Brokers helps customers like you navigate the confusing world of insurance to find affordable auto coverage to protect you, your vehicles and your passengers.

Legal Minimums

Everyone needs affordable insurance, but cut-rate car insurance may not be the most affordable product for you. Several factors come together to influence premium prices, and the money necessary to cover deductibles and over-limit damage should also be considered as you shop for the right policy. One primary factor influencing the price of car insurance is the perceived responsibility of a driver. Many insurers consider those who carry more than the legal minimum coverage to be more responsible, so often you can find extensive coverage for less than you would expect.


Collision insurance to pay for accident-related damages to your vehicle
Comprehensive insurance to pay for non-accident-related damages to your vehicle
Medical payments coverage to pay for accident-related medical expenses that exceed other limits
Rental reimbursement to assist with transportation if your automobile is being repaired following a covered event
Towing and roadside assistance to help in the event of a breakdown on the road

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